About us

Hey there, foodies!

We're NOMAD, and we absolutely love food trucks. They're an affordable, exciting way to try delicious foods from around the world. We love their ooey gooey macaroni and cheese, loaded tacos, mouthwatering burgers, zesty Korean BBQ and everything in between.

That's why we created NOMAD - the mobile app that's "Made to Order."

First, NOMAD shows you where food trucks are located in real-time. Then, you can view their company profiles, check out their menus, order through the app and pre-pay for your food. Once your order is ready, you’ll receive a pick-up notification, and you’ll skip the line! Pretty great, right?

We are launching in Houston in March 2020, with a soft launch and beta test period in January and February. We’d love for you to give us a try!

So, whether you’re looking for late night eats or if lunch time is crunch-time, NOMAD is the perfect way to order from food trucks! Ready to get started? Head on over to the Android or Apple iOS app store, download NOMAD and get your feast on.

Happy feasting,


Ready to give NOMAD a try?